Doctor's Orders: Should Catelynn Tune In To Teen Mom OG Reruns?

Tyler’s psychiatrist says it could give the couple a brand-new perspective

Catelynn surprised Tyler and Nova by coming home early from treatment during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode. However, despite being excited to see his wife, Tyler was still feeling the burden of being at home alone for so long (multiple times now) while she got help. And Catelynn didn’t seem up to the task of going to therapy together -- or taking the advice of Tyler's psychiatrist to watch episodes of the long-running MTV series with the goal of seeing firsthand what her husband endured while she was away.

To recap: When Tyler returned home and told Cate about the therapist's suggestion, she got upset at the thought of rehashing that rough time in their lives. She was also hurt that Tyler thought she didn’t care about what was going on back home with their family.

“I know that you took on a lot, but do I have to put myself through all that sadness and drama and hurt all over again?” she asked. “Do you think that I don’t think that it’s hard for you? Does [the doctor] think me and you don’t communicate at all? Do you think I’m blind to it all, that I was just so into myself that I didn’t care about what was happening?”

But what do you think? Will watching the show benefit Catelynn's relationship with Tyler, or is the psychiatrist's suggestion unhelpful -- and should they keep the past in the past? And will Catelynn ever come around and watch the show with her husband? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.