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Dumbledore And Grindelwald Share A Heartbreaking Moment In Final Fantastic Beasts Sequel Trailer

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Despite previous reports that beloved queer wizard Albus Dumbledore would not be "explicitly gay" in the anticipated Fantastic Beasts sequel, the final Crimes of Grindelwald trailer appears to be hinting at otherwise. After all, the Mirror of Erised is not a subtle plot device.

In the trailer, Dumbledore glances into the magical artifact — which the future Hogwarts headmaster once described as showing "nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts" — and sees... his former friend and schoolboy crush, Grindelwald. Holding his hand up to the mirror, Albus and Gellert are transformed into younger versions of themselves, with actor Jamie Campbell Bower even reprising his role as young Grindelwald from The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2. It's an emotionally charged moment, one that will certainly fuel a lot of intrigue and speculation.

And it doesn't get anymore explicit than that. Take a look for yourself in the trailer below:

The promo also confirms the astute fan theory that Claudia Kim's mysterious new character known only as Maledictus is actually Nagini, Lord Voldemort's infamous reptile companion from the Harry Potter books. (A Maledictus is a magical being who carries a "blood curse" and is therefore destined to transform into a beast.)

After narrowly escaping New York City with his life, it looks like Credence (Ezra Miller) winds up caged at some sort of magical circus with Nagini. It's unclear what Nagini's intentions are at this point in the timeline, but she can also be seen beside Credence in the big battle against Grindelwald in the trailer. Regardless, this reveal certainly makes Neville's act of heroism during the Battle of Hogwarts a whole lot darker.

Meanwhile, Newt's handsome brother Theseus (a confirmed Hufflepuff!) is ready to fight Grindelwald under ministry orders, but those cute magical beasts are the real scene-stealers of this movie. Even Pickett gets in on the action this time around!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald hits theaters November 16.