Will Angelina Ever Be Accepted Into The Jersey Shore 'Sisterhood'?

After a lot of pressure, JWOWW says she'll give the 'chew toy' a chance

Angelina is looking to become the newest member of the sisterhood of the traveling leopard-print leggings guidettes (from Miami to Vegas and back), but only one person is standing in her way. And her name is JWOWW.

Upon returning from the Las Vegas leg of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, Snooki went straight to Jenni's house to fix the beef following their epic BFF fallout -- and arrange a certain frenemy luncheon.

"How's it feel to have a new best friend?" JWOWW spat, referencing Snooki's secret invitation for Angelina to crash the crew's Vegas trip.

After Nicole urged her friend to "calm the f*ck down," the two finally cleared the air -- but only if JWOWW would agree to a meet-up with her sworn Staten Island enemy.

"I definitely think Jenni and Angelina need to sit down and figure out what in the hell is going on and move on," Nicole noted, opting to take Angelina on as her own personal "project."

Why? Because no one understands Jenni better than her ride-or-die bestie, and Nicole knows Angelina's aggressive approach has been failing miserably.

"As an outsider looking in, you just need to fix your sh*t," she later told Angelina. "You're not coming off good, especially with Jenni. I don't want to be in the middle of it anymore. So I want you guys to fix your sh*t so we can all be fine."

Cue the classy Angelina makeover.

"Wear this, be classy, and don't drink because when you drink, you become dirt," Snooks told Angeliners during their Martha Stewart-inspired shopping spree.

Angelina, for one, was super thankful for her friend's fashion guidance -- after all, they are "boobie sisters and sex sisters."

"I am definitely grateful that Nicole is trying to welcome me back into the sisterhood," she shared. "I am so appreciative."

While Jenni claimed she's "not trying to be Captain Save-a-Thot," she did finally agree to grab lunch with the girl she recently dubbed "a f*cking chew toy."

"Nicole is harping on the Angelina sit-down. Fine," JWOWW said. "I don't understand why it's such a big deal, but if it's a big deal to you, Nicole, I will sit down, I'll have lunch with her, and we will go from there."

As their lunch looms before us -- and their feud literally goes back years -- will Jenni and Angelina actually be able to squash their sh*t once and for all? Comment with your thoughts, and watch it all go down next Thursday at 8/7c.