Vegas Visitor: Was Angelina Being Dramatic And 'Delusional' On Family Vacation?

Snooki, for one, sure thinks so

According to JWOWW, this is "the worst vacation ever."

After going through the wringer with Ronnie's baby mama drama, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 cast has been graced with the arrival (again) of Angelina.

How did the "Dirty Little Hamster" find herself in Sin City? With Deena back in New Jersey baking a mini meatball of her own, Snooki was merely "trying to be nice" by inviting the Staten Island dump native along for their vacation part deux.

"We're down a meatball, even though she's not a meatball," Nicole said. "She's like a meatloaf. You know... 'We have nothing in the fridge, I'm starving, so let's pop in a meatloaf.' Like, once in a while you might want it? That's Angelina."

While Angelina was cool in Miami (incontinence aside), she found herself all riled up this time before even setting foot near Sin City. 

Sounds like the old Angelina could be rearing her dirty-little-hamster head.

The catalyst? A feud with JWOWW that literally goes back years.

"She just has something against me," Ang said of her longtime frenemy. "Listen, jealousy is a sick disease. I'd be jealous of me too."

Fast forward to her grand Vegas entrance, where Angelina found herself beyond "aggravated" to be locked out of the hotel suite, sending Snooki a string of texts. (Nevermind the omission of one small travel detail -- her arrival time.) When the gang met their guest outside the room, sharts quickly hit the fan between Jenni and her chew toy Angelina.

But it wasn't until Vinny showed Angelina to her room jokingly shoved her into the stripper shower that the bold brunette lost it -- and Snooki began to doubt mending fences with her former nemesis.

"What the f*ck did I do? This is not what I wanted to happen," Nicole confessed. "I wanted her to come in and be the Angelina that I enjoy hanging out with, and she's being the total opposite -- she starts drama and she's delusional."

On the other hand, Mike lent Ang a few words of advice on, er, the situation: "Show people who you really are. Stick up for yourself to a certain extent, but don't come for people."

Did the Staten Islander come in unnecessarily hot, or was she simply standing up for herself? Take the poll below, and catch the Angelina aftermath next Thursday at 8/7c.