Should JWOWW Stick Out The Vegas Family Vacation Or Head Home To Jersey?

Jenni has two major issues: Angelina and Joey

When it comes to family vacations, third wheels are a crowd.

Following Angelina's untimely (and rather heated) arrival, JWOWW has been having a tough time with her presence -- and during tonight's episode, the mother of two decided to cut her Vegas tenure short.

While Angelina did apologize for past behavior, her desperately aggressive approach to winning Jenni over seems to have failed miserably. From chanting, "Show me your tits! Show me your tits!" over classy Italian fare to chasing her nemesis around the club with an ice cube, Ang's antics earned her little more than a trademark JWOWW chokehold.

Jenni's Bitter Betty stance was merely exacerbated when Snooki decided to gift the gang with "a little pick-me-up" in the form of her other best friend Joey.

"I'm annoyed at Nicole for inviting Angelina, and now Joey's coming in," JWOWW said, dubbing her BFF's move "so disrespectful." "I just want time with my roommates, my family, on vacation. This is a family vacation. This isn't a third-wheel-friend vacation. And now I'm a little bitter. The vibe's changed so much this last 48 hours. I have decided to go home."

Couple the non-fam invitations with the fact that most of Jenni's roommates basically disregarded a certain very special Mother's Day video, and she didn't hesitate to announce her official departure over dinner... to a series of shocked faces.

"Don't be sad. Don't be mad. Angelina's here, right?" said JWOWW, just before Snooki stormed off.

While we don't really blame Jenni for wanting to get back home to Roger and her sweet babes, there's really only a short time left of the gang's Vegas vacation -- so should she just stick it out and stay? Or do you think she has every reason to head back to Jerz? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch the outcome next Thursday at 8/7c.