Teen Mom 2 Hookup: Should Leah And Jeremy Get Back Together?

Addie's thoughts on the matter? 'Don't be crazy!'

Leah and Jeremy’s flirty phone call on last week’s Teen Mom 2 wasn’t “out of the blue” (like he said it was). Turns out, the former husband and wife recently hooked up -- on this week’s installment, Leah confessed to her best friend Kayla that she and Adalynn’s dad had sex again “a few months ago” at his house.

However, at least on Leah’s end, there were no feelings involved and she didn’t see things going anywhere.

“It’s a road I don’t want to go back down,” she said. “I know I don’t feel anything. I don’t want to upset him but... I’m not the same person I was.”

But the same can’t be said for Jeremy, whose behavior seemed to indicate he’s not totally over his ex-wife.

“You have changed,” he reiterated to Leah when she stopped by to discuss their daughter’s upcoming birthday party. “We’ll give you props on how well you’ve changed and how much better you’re doing for yourself. I think we’re in a great place. Give me some knuckles.”

Then, after Leah told Jeremy that she informed the camera crew of their “accidental” hookup -- producer Brendan admitted he suspected something had happened between the two for a while -- an embarrassed Jeremy asked her the million dollar question: “What do you think of getting back together?”

It’s still unclear if he was joking or serious (especially since Leah laughed it off), but Addie, who was listening in from the next room, had some thoughts: “Don’t be crazy!”

But is it crazy for these two to rekindle? Was their post-divorce hookup just a one-time thing, or can they restart their romance? Share your thoughts, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.