Surprising Fallouts And Shattered Alliances: Here Are The Shadiest Moves Ever From The Challenge Trilogy

As long as there are ‘Challenge’ seasons, you can count on players continuing to make vendettas

Forget Star Wars or Lord of the Rings: In 2018, The Challenge has produced entertainment’s most gripping trilogy, and its final installment — Final Reckoning — will award one team a whopping $1 million.

But how did we get here?

Across Dirty Thirty and Vendettas, the two most recent seasons, players could only get ahead by screwing over their fellow competitors. And, boy, did they. Double-dealing abounded, backstabbing became second nature and deceit proved to be a weapon as powerful as a cannon.

Now, in teams of two, players have to right those wrongs by working with — and only with — their most reviled enemies. Like Rivals before it, Final Reckoning has paired up a handful of enemy duos, and they’ve already proven to be pretty combustible.

So which one will come out on top? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, though, let’s look back at the biggest double-crosses and fallouts from The Challenge trilogy. Because as long as there are Challenge seasons, you can count on players continuing to make vendettas.

  • Jemmye and Jenna

    It was the betrayal heard round the world — while Jenna spared Jemmye from elimination after winning the very first “Dirty Thirty” Purge, Jemmye proved she had no intention of returning the favor. At the second Double-Cross ceremony, Jemmye decided against playing nice and voted Jenna into The Presidio against her BFF Kailah. She claimed it was for the sake of gameplay, but there’s no denying it was pretty cruel.

  • Britni and Leroy

    During a seemingly inconsequential nomination ceremony on Dirty Thirty, it seemed like a sure thing that Hunter would be the group’s choice for The Presidio…that is, until Britni cast a “burn vote” for Leroy. But her plan backfired, because after Veronica followed suit, the tides turned, and suddenly, Leroy found himself fighting for his life in an elimination round. Sadly, Hunter ultimately sent him packing.

  • Jenna and Camila

    The Double-Cross that followed Leroy’s nomination was just as dramatic as the voting itself. While Jenna and Kailah had an understood alliance with Camila, the agreement went to hell when Jenna got the chance to choose Jemmye’s Presidio opponent. At the eleventh hour, she decided to spare Tori and send in Camila, setting off a particularly heated Camilanator tirade.

  • Kailah and Cara Maria

    While Cara insisted that she and Camila had an alliance with Jenna and Kailah, Kailah proved that was very much not the case when she, Britni, Jordan, Tony and Veronica won “Blackout” and earned the chance to send two players straight into the Redemption House. Without blinking, Kailah sent Cara away, setting up their eventual mutual loathing.

  • Tony and Bananas

    While Bananas saw Tony as a protégé, the distinction was short-lived. As soon as Tony got the chance to toss Bananas into a Vendettas elimination round, he took it — and, to add insult to injury, Bananas was sent home.