Is This Finally Tony’s Time For Challenge Dominance?

The vet is proving to be a serious contender

From zero to hero, joke to unsmiling contender, Tony has proven on Vendettas to be a Challenge threat for the first time. So does he finally have what it takes to go all the way after years of coming up short?

On tonight’s episode, the Real World: Skeletons alum — who’d already wowed his fellow competitors this season by remaining a mainstay of the Troika and engineering Johnny Bananas’ elimination — continued his reign over the game, winning “Spanish Treasure” and somehow politicking his way into The Troika, even though the subsequent elimination was a ladies’ matchup.

And while Tony and fellow Troika members Brad and Zach swore to Jemmye, Nicole and Natalie that they’d be spared from The Ring, Natalie wound up being the Troika’s pick for the looming elimination round, and she was sent home by Kam.

“It’s two weeks in a row, I’ve given my word in a circle and am gonna have to go back on it,” Tony admitted, officially cementing his new role as ruthless competitor.

Still, he’d have to prove he was just as strong physically as he was politically, as TJ announced that the next mission — “Help Me Rhonda” — would be played individually, and the slowest man and woman would each be immediately sent home. Those who survived the game, on the other hand, would advance to the final Vendettas leg in the Czech Republic.

“Help Me Rhonda,” which included a long run, series of zip lines and an anxiety-inducing rappelling station, pushed the Challengers to their limits, but Tony was convinced he finally had the resolve to survive.

“This season, I feel better, I feel older and [more] mature than I’ve ever been,” he said as he began to scale a giant hill. “I’m very confident that this time, I can let my little girls watch this season one day. Not to be cocky, but I really feel like I can’t lose today.”

But is Tony’s confidence on the money, or just a case of false conviction?

What do you think — is this finally Tony’s year, and does he have what it takes to go all the way? Or, is it only a matter of time before he chokes again, and are we in for another eleventh-hour Tony flop? Share your thoughts, and see if he can advance to the Czech Republic next Tuesday at 9/8c!