9 Things We Learned From The 'Jersiest Moments' Family Vacation Special

Consider us schooled

Just when you think you've seen all there is to see from family vacation... think again.

Tonight's "Most Jersiest Moments" special from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation highlighted the best of the best from the gang's Miami getaway, along with some never-before-seen footage of the insanity. RSVP (Ronnie, Sitch, Vinny and Pauly, if you must know) were there to walk us through and provide some colorful commentary -- and a few revelations -- along the way.

Read on for what we were most surprised to find from the cast's "Jersiest Moments":

  1. Pauly D had some issues getting the Sammi doll through TSA.

    "I had a lot of luggage going into Miami, but I also had a human being," Pauly revealed of the 150-pound doll. "Try to get that through TSA. I went through TSA pre-check, and they still screened her."

  2. Mike speaks in plurals because 'it sounds funny.'

    Vinny asked the question of all questions: "Mike, why do you speak in plurals?" The Sitch confessed that he and Laurens have been doing it for the past couple of years. Well, okays then.

  3. Ronnie can laugh at himself.

    Needless to say, Ronnie had quite the family vacation this year. Hey, at least he can laugh about it! (Automatic door shutters, anyone?)

  4. Nicole's spiraling nickname is Dren.

    Snooki peed in the pool? No, she didn't. It was Dren. (Also, enter Ronpage.)

  5. Pizza and beer increase productivity.

    Nicole's key to getting the job done? "I feel like whatever job you have, if you have a drink and a pizza, you're going to get it done faster and in a better mood."

  6. Mike only gained 5 to 7 pounds during filming.

    Hey, he was just living his best life.

  7. Pauly D really is a morning person.

    Oh, yeah! Wake up, yeah!

  8. Ronnie's not really a flusher.

    "When I use the bathroom, I take the toilet paper, and I throw it in the garbage," Ronnie shared. That's one way to do it?

  9. The girls had to educate the guys on female anatomy.

    Most of the cast had no idea that women have three holes "down there." And no, Vinny, the mouth doesn't count as one.

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