Young Thug Flies A Woman Like A Kite With Future In 'Group Home' Video

We love Kite Lady

Future and Young Thug are unpredictable. Almost six months after the release of Super Slimey, the duo release the video for "Group Home." The Videogod-directed visual is an absurdist and wild adventure where dead bodies and deer carcasses hang from the ceiling, there is a pig fetus in a jar, and kids are wearing what looks like a strainer with a styrofoam cup attached to the top.

However, the most entertaining aspect of the video is kite lady. While Future raps, Young Thug flies a woman on an electrical current. Not only does she hover elegantly, but she manages not to get electrocuted. Crows also orbit around her like a goth Saturn. So do with that what you will.

The most confusing aspect of "Group Home" is that it doesn't feature a traditional group home, but Future and Young Thug's "All da Smoke" visual does. "Group Home" isn't the first time Nayvadius and Jefferey's nightmarish vision has played out in one of their music videos. "Mink Flow" included a haunted reptile mansion, while "All da Smoke" was a gothic pop culture mixture. Watch the new clip above.