Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

Lady Gaga Brought A Bit Of Heaven To Earth For Her Grammy Performance

'Joanne' and 'Million Reasons' make for one beautiful mash-up

Seconds after Kendrick Lamar wrapped his explosive, show-opening performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga delivered an emotional medley that showed how much she deserves her nominations this year.

After sitting down at a piano covered with a huge pair of angel wings, Gaga — accompanied by the producer she worked with on Joanne, Mark Ronson, on the acoustic guitar — began with a brief dedication: "This is for love and compassion, even when you can't understand."

Gaga recently re-worked the title track from her latest album for a gorgeous new video, and she sang a few bars of it before launching into "Million Reasons." Ronson strummed along, and Gaga eventually left the piano bench to belt through the final chorus before leaning into the heavenly clutches of the wings so that they looked like they'd sprouted from her own back.

"Million Reasons" earned Gaga a nomination in the Best Pop Solo Performance category, and Joanne is a contender for Best Pop Vocal Album as well. Stay tuned, Little Monsters, 'cause the night isn't over for Gaga just yet...