Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Did Joe Keery Really Just Say He'd Shave His Head If David Harbour Wins A Golden Globe?!



The Stranger Things cast is extremely close-knit, and they're the first to congratulate each other when they're recognized for their hard work. David Harbour scored a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor nod for his excellent performance as Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix hit, so it's no surprise that Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery were two of the thousands of people to hit his Instagram with congratulatory messages when the news broke.

Harbour has already said that he'd bust out his now-legendary "Hopper dance" if he's victorious on the night of the Globes, but Keery may have just one-upped him, as he just said he'd let the Duffer brothers SHAVE HIS HEAD if Harbour wins.

Casual reminder: Keery's luscious, full-bodied tresses are so iconic that they've now become a plot point on the show and inspired a pivotal bonding moment between his character, Steve, and Matarazzo's Dustin. To buzz 'em all off — and with the creators of the series holding the clippers, at that — would be huge, and not only render Keery unrecognizable, but deprive Steve of his most identifiable trait.

The comments hold more "NOOOOO!"-es than we can count, so this may be a game-time decision for Keery should Harbour take home the award on January 7. In the meantime, watch our exclusive chat with Keery about Harbour and his hopes for more Steve/Hopper moments in the third season of Stranger Things.