Aimee And Nilsa's Sweetest Friendship Moments From MTV Floribama Shore

When someone tells you, 'You a bad bitch,' you're pals for life

Solid friendships are forming on MTV Floribama Shore, but we have to single out Aimee and Nilsa's unique connection. They kind of remind us of Snooki & JWOWW...

The two Southerners, who hit it off right at the get-go, share one major thing in common: They'd both been badly burned (like, cheated on) by their exes, making for some serious female bonding action. It wasn't long before Nilmee rose through the relationship ranks from roommates to best pals, with their journey being marked by several special moments. Read on for our top 10:

  • Oh, no he didn't

    When Codi started spouting off about Nilsa's (lack of a) chance with Jeremiah, Aimee didn't hesitate to jump to her new friend's defense. "You need to stop talking to her like that -- you're a grown ass man," Aimee said, while shouting and pummeling Codi with a stuffed alligator.

  • That whole chicken situation

    Aimee and Nilsa attempted to maintain their princess-goddess-mermaid status when they asked their male counterparts to serve them grilled chicken in the pool. When the boys refused, a battle of the sexes ensued, but the gals stood their ground together.

  • No rude rednecks allowed

    A night out in PCB turned ugly when a fellow bar-goer rudely told Nilsa to shut her mouth after she refused his round of drinks. Aimee immediately came to her friend's defense, talked her down in a bathroom stall ("I'll hit them before you -- I got you.") and rallied the roommates for a throwdown.

  • Nilmee vs. Kayla Jo

    When Jeremiah's witchy barnacle lady friend Kayla Jo repeatedly criticized Aimee for smoking, Nilly was quick to reassure her pal. "Don't worry," she said. "You're not gonna have wrinkles."

  • All those confessionals

    Chi-chis up! 'Nuff said.

  • The ultimate wing woman

    Aimee knew Nilsa was into Jeremiah's brother Josh, and she did her due diligence as a proper wing woman. Not only did the blonde grill him on her BFF's behalf ("Are you single? Do you have kids? Do you eat [insert body part]?"), she left her own bedroom so Nilly could get her post-divorce hunch on.

  • Besties who brunch

    When Aimee opened up to Nilsa during brunch over her struggles with self-love, we caught all the feels and then some. "I started feeling a little bit better about myself when you put me in nice clothes 'cause I've never had nothin' nice," the Alabama native admitted.

  • The best day in the history of ever

    Her heart-to-heart with Aimee prompted Nilsa to plan the holiday of all holidays with her roommates: Aimee Appreciation Day, complete with a manicure, nice clothes, a croissant corsage and a fancy dinner for the guest of honor. "I will never forget today, ever," Aimee said. "Today has really made me love myself."

  • Babes before bros

    It takes a true friend to mend a broken heart. After Josh broke it off with Nilsa, Aimee had to stop her from leaving the shore house. "Every time you look at him, just think, 'This guy has red ears, a slick back and his clothes don't match,'" Aimee advised her bestie.

  • Meet the 'scissor sisters'

    The girls cemented their last Saturday at the shore by declaring their best friend status with a rather interesting hand gesture. Added Aimee, "Chi-chis up, and chin up. 'Cause guess what? You a bad bitch."

What's your favorite memory from Aimee and Nilsa's time together in PCB? Comment, tag it #Nilmee4eva and catch the MTV Floribama Shore finale (OMG!) this Monday at 10/9c.