MTV Floribama Shore: Is The House Being Too Hard On Kayla Jo?

The 'witchy barnacle' is quickly wearing out her welcome

Taco soup and a massive bar fight brought some peace (yay!) to the MTV Floribama Shore house. But one person is now pulling the gang apart: Jeremiah's new lady friend, Kayla Jo.

Brief rewind: We first met the mature blonde on the series premiere, and while she gives Jeremiah a "level of sanity" in an otherwise chaotic house, some of his roommates think she's quickly worn out her welcome. Namely, Nilsa.

"Kayla Jo is the definition of a barnacle," said Nilly, who wishes KJ would fork over a rent check. "She's just clingy, and no one likes clingy."

You might recall that Nilsa seriously crushed on Jeremiah only to get rebuffed, so it's no shocker she's completely over Kayla Jo's presence. Nevertheless, the Panama City Beach native attempted to play nice, opting to share her frozen pizza with her new nemesis. But when Kayla Jo rejected the slice, all further peace-making bets were off.

"The worst thing someone can do to me is to take a piece of my pizza and throw it away like it means nothing," Nilly said. "She didn't just disrespect me, she disrespected my pizza."

As for the other housemates' take on their unofficial new roommate? When KJ repeatedly criticized Aimee for smoking, the Alabama native joined Nilsa (and Kortni's pet parrot, but that's another story) on the "Kayla Jo is a ho" bandwagon. "Kayla Jo, Kathy Ho, whatever her name is. She's very sneaky disrespectful," Aimee mused. "B**ch, maybe you need to smoke to chill your ass out."

Once word got out about Kayla Jo's religious choices (Pagan witchcraft), Codi and Candace also decided they weren't having it, either, and offered to douse KJ with holy water. That tidbit of news also added fuel to Nilsa's fire:

Jeremiah's later attempts at calling a "family meeting" to address the blatant disrespect of his own personal Mrs. Robinson new girl basically backfired when he and Nilsa started yelling and throwing insults — leaving any peace the housemates previously felt a distant memory.

While Nilsa and J ultimately hugged it out, the tension was still there. But was the outspoken brunette -- as well as some of the other roomies -- being too rough on Kayla Jo to begin with? Or were they warranted with their complaints? Comment with your thoughts, and find out what happens on MTV Floribama Shore next Monday at 10/9c.