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Miley Cyrus Definitely Wasn't In A 'Bad Mood' During Her Awesome SNL Performance

She brought two soaring and super different cuts off 'Younger Now' to NYC

Miley Cyrus was all about the contrast for her latest Saturday Night Live showing, which had her belting her face off through two of Younger Now's most intense tracks.

Instead of going with "Malibu" or "Younger Now," the tunes we've gotten super familiar with since the drop of her latest album, she opted to let loose with some rafter-raising howls and a heart-piercing ballad.

She started with "Bad Mood," and proceeded to channel every single badass rock goddess that came before her as she snarled and head-banged her way through the song. Cyrus has fully embraced her steel-strung, country roots with Younger Now, but "Bad Mood" — and this performance of it in particular — speak to her rock star status and how effortlessly she can roar on the level of the most seasoned screamers.

With "I Would Die For You," the Nashville vibes are strong, and Cyrus ditched the grit of "Bad Mood" for a sweet, sentimental, and fiddle-accompanied ode to her beloved. (Liam Hemsworth was definitely there last night, so it's fun to imagine her fiancé standing offstage looking like the IRL version of the heart-eyed emoji.)

Considering that Larry David hosted this SNL episode, it's safe to say Cyrus was pretty, pretty, prettyyyyyy good.