Nick Jonas Reveals His ‘Find You’ Video Was Even More ‘Intense’ Than It Looked

He gamely weathered sand-filled pants and cold swimming pools

We’ve seen Nick Jonas infiltrate diners and wander hazy clubs in past music videos, but he’s never been as adventurous as he is in the visual for “Find You.”

Released last month, the gorgeous vid follows Nick as he broods in the sandy desert, stumbles upon a beach rave, and dives head-first into the ocean. Catching up with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson following his TRL performance last week, Nick spoke about the “intense” video shoot, which found him weathering sandy pants and cold swimming pools.

“The shoot was really intense. It was a day out in the sand dunes, so I had sand in my pants, literally,” he said. “We just tried to capture some of the energy of the song and that feeling of self-discovery, as well as discovering yourself around this party atmosphere.”

Eventually, Nick and director Emil Nava took things underwater for a scene where Nick finds love beneath the waves. Turns out, they shot that in the (very cold) comfort of the singer’s home in Los Angeles.

“It was very cold water, and we just jumped in and went for it. ... We shot the stuff underwater at my house, actually, in my pool, which you would never know,” he revealed. “You’d think it’d maybe have to be in a fancy studio with all this equipment, but it was actually just a GoPro underwater, and [it was] some of my favorite footage from the shoot.”

While fans patiently await more new tunes from his upcoming third album, Nick’s generously shared a breezy, stripped-back version of “Find You,” which he released on Monday (October 9). The club-friendly, house-inflected beat is gone, but Nick’s angelic vocals are still firmly intact. Consider it a must-add to your “chill-out” playlist.