Nick Jonas’s ‘Voodoo’ Video Is A Psychedelic Trip You Don’t Need Drugs For

The youngest JoBro hits New Orleans for some fun

Nick Jonas abandoned his plate of "Bacon" and hopped on a plane to New Orleans for his new "Voodoo" visuals, the first track from Last Year Was Complicated. In the clip, he and his pals strut around the city's vibrant French Quarter, which is an appropriate setting, since Jonas performed "Voodoo" at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival last April.

But things get really trippy, really fast. Colors blend together, lights go blurry, and skeleton illustrations appear out of nowhere. Nick is laughing and singing his way through the haze, without a care in the world. As he says in the song, he "ain't fucking with your voodoo," after all.

He dropped the music video exclusively on Tidal Wednesday (October 11), but here's a 30-second preview of the party.

BRB, heading to New Orleans to buy one of those sweet Last Year Was Complicated hats.