Nick Jonas Finds Love Underwater In His Beachy New Video

'Find You' chronicles his epic desert-to-sea quest

Judging by the teasers Nick Jonas shared last week of his “Find You” music video, it looked like we were in for a lonely, introspective, desert-set expedition. And we do get that in the newly released clip, but there’s so, so much more.

In the Emil Nava-directed vid, Nick wanders the sandy desert hills before stumbling upon a sunset beach rave. He naturally joins the festivities, pausing only to brood by a bonfire and take his shiny Jaguar for a drive along the shoreline. In the end, Nick does find what (or, rather, who) he’s looking for, but there’s a catch: he has to dive head-first into the waves to get to her.

“Find You” is the second single to be released off of Nick’s upcoming solo album, following “Remember I Told You” with Mike Posner and Anne-Marie.