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Miley Cyrus Fantasizes About 'Kissing Other Dudes' In New Song

'Week Without You' is a breakup waiting to happen

In "Malibu," Miley Cyrus sang about being head-over-heels in love, but her latest song off Younger Now, due out September 29, takes the opposite approach. "Week Without You," released Thursday (September 21), is basically one giant breakup fantasy. The first verse pretty much sums up the sentiment: "If I spent a week without you / Bet you'd wonder what I'd do / I think that I'd start going out / Get caught kissing other dudes."

Though many breakup songs veer towards gloom and doom, "Week Without You" lists every silver lining that comes with heartbreak. Miley admires the freedom and possibilities — kissing new people, spending more time with her friends, wearing jeans instead of dressing up — the single life offers.

Of course, in real life, your girl is very much off the market. She's engaged to Liam Hemsworth, the lucky guy who inspired "Malibu" in the first place. They first started dating circa 2009, after starring in The Last Song together, but broke up for several years before rekindling their flame around 2015.

Miley has said Younger Now honors her past — from Hannah Montana to her famous 2013 VMA performance — so perhaps "Week Without You" is a tribute to another one of her many former selves.