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Nick Jonas Sleepily Searches For Love On New Song ‘Find You’

He's haunted and on the hunt

Poor Nick Jonas. After pleading for love on “Remember I Told You,” he’s back and thirstier than ever on his new single, “Find You.”

The breezy number features a simple guitar riff and house-inflected beat, as Nick calmly croons about searching for someone: “I look for you in the center of the sun / I took a pill but it didn't help me numb / I see your face even when my eyes are shut / But I never really know just where to find you.” There’s nothing urgent in his delivery, though — this is more of a laid-back pursuit for love.

“Find You” is Nick’s second single this summer following “Remember I Told You,” which featured Mike Posner and Anne Marie. Speaking about the new track with iHeartRadio, Nick said, “‘Find You' is about a lot of things. For me, it's got a lot to do with just the idea of finding love, in general, and the journey we all go on with that. And how sometimes, it can be something you're afraid of and running away from it in that sense, but it is desperately something we all hope for.”

Judging by the desert-set video teasers Nick’s been dropping this week, it looks like we’ll see his mysterious quest come to life soon enough.