Did Week 2 Of MTV's Undressed Have Any Success Stories?

Find out if anyone said yes -- or a great big hell no

Week 1 of Undressed featured a 50% success rate, with two couples mutually moving forward and two duos having a "Yes"/"No" result. Talk about sparks -- and also no sparks.

During tonight's episodes, eight fearless, brand-new singles entered the Undressed den with the hopes of finding a connection with a perfect stranger. When the 30 minutes was up, did anybody opt to continue the "getting to know you" process? Or did any budding relationships come to a screeching halt after a half hour? Here's how it unfolded in the televised boudoir:

  • To quote Devlin, "Yesssss!" And how great was Blake's fairy-tale comparison?

  • Jess (NO) and Sharron (YES)

    When he said he was argumentative, she switched him right off. And scene.

  • Madison (YES) and Cody (YES)

    High-five! And like Cody said, "Hallelujah!"

  • Yahne (YES) and Alex (YES)

    Sealed with one hell of a kiss. And a special mention for when he said he could be vulnerable with her, because that was unreal.

Three out of four! Did any of the results catch you off guard? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to catch brand-new installments of Undressed on Wednesday at 11/10c!