Teen Mom 2's Leah Has Her First Post-Divorce Date

Will there be a second outing?

Leah may have once declared she had "no interest" in dating -- but during this week's Teen Mom 2 episode, the mother of three changed her tune on meeting a new companion.

"His name is Josh, I met him online," Leah told her producer Brendan about a new guy in her life. "I'm excited, but I'm nervous," she added about her first post-divorce romantic outing.

So how did the televised meal go? The two discussed his work, their shared interest in outdoor activities and...the weather.

"That was so awkward," Leah told her producer Alexis as soon as she and Josh said goodbye at the restaurant. "When you know, you know -- and that's a no!"

But Josh seemed to feel differently.

"I think I forgot to ask you, do I get a second date?" he asked her from his car (he drove up to Leah and Alexis as they were debriefing).

"I'll text you," she responded.

While she didn't outright say she would pass, she (again) told Alexis there would not be a follow-up excursion. But could Leah have a change of heart? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 with Leah (and possibly Josh?!) every Monday at 9/8c -- plus a special brand-new episode tonight at 9/8c!