What Qualities Does Teen Mom 2 's Leah Want In A Potential Partner?

The MTV cast member describes her dream man

Leah has endured heartbreak through the years on Teen Mom 2 -- specifically, her brief union to Corey and her recent divorce from Jeremy. While the West Virginia native enjoyed a cordial and cathartic dinner with the latter during this week's episode (a bit of it can be seen below), it's crystal clear that both of Adalynn's parents have moved on from their years-long love connection.

"You're the one person -- like, I couldn't imagine myself being with anyone else," Leah admitted to Jeremy.

Fast-forward to present day: While the 23-year-old has a history of always being in a relationship, her views on settling down with someone new could not be any more different than her past tendencies.

"Just being completely honest, I'm not even interested," the West Virginia resident recently told MTV News about dating, as seen in the video above. "I've needed a man so bad before, it really brought me down. Like that's all I thought about -- or it wasn't working out, or I was so sad, like no one loved me."

But that doesn't mean Leah isn't looking for certain traits in a future partner. To hear more about what qualities she finds attractive in a companion, watch the clip -- and be sure to catch her every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 10/9c.