Siesta Key Mystery: What Do You Think Happened To Chloe?

The bartender is suddenly sporting an unfortunate set of bruises

The premiere of Siesta Key left us with quite the cliffhanger.

The episode ended with Chloe FaceTiming Alex the morning after his big birthday rager. We expected the pair of besties to dissect their favorite topic -- Alex's love triangle du jour -- but what we didn't expect was to see Chloe's poor face battered and bruised. Our girl really wasn't kidding about summer in Siesta:

So what happened? And more importantly, is Chloe okay? Last we saw, the bartender was commiserating with her best gal pal Amanda over her crush Brandon's potentially playboy ways. But what we know is that Amanda was majorly breaking girl code by flirting with Brandon behind Chloe's back, something A conveniently failed to mention. More specifically, Amanda invited him to a bikini contest where she and her booty (Brandon's words, not ours) were up for judgement. Then Chloe and Amanda left the party together, and that's the last we saw of Chloe until the morning after.

We have a few theories of our own (for instance, we were warned to stay off Chloe's bad side), but let's hear from you: What do you think happened? Tell us your thoughts, then find out what really went down next Monday at 10/9c.