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Heidi Montag Is Proudly Cradling Her Five-Month Baby Bump

It won't be long before that growing peanut arrives

Heidi Montag may have another trimester to go before she welcomes a mini Spencer Pratt son, but the soon-to-be mama is happily showing off her pregnancy growth.

The Hills veteran -- who announced that she was avec child last month and is due in October -- shared a selfie of her five-month belly on Instagram. Only 16 weeks (give or take!) until that expanding peanut arrives!

And it's safe to assume that Heidi will be sure to document her road to motherhood. For example, she already sweetly reflected on her first official Mother's Day:

And she asked her Twitter followers for any moniker suggestions:

Be sure to stay with MTV News as we near Speidi's spawn's big debut! And because it never gets old, relive Heidi's infamous bun in the oven Hills hoax below.