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Frank Ocean Keeps Canceling His Headlining Festival Performances

Is he retreating back to his own personal dimension?

Frank Ocean is one of the most exciting acts on this year's summer festival circuit, but fans might not get the chance to see the elusive singer onstage after all.

On Wednesday (May 10), Ocean canceled his headlining set at Alabama's Hangout Festival, marking his second cancellation of the month. Last week he pulled out of the Sasquatch! Festival in Washington citing "production delays beyond his control." He gave the same reason for his Hangout cancellation.

Ocean keeps a notoriously low profile in the public eye, and it probably wouldn't have surprised his fans if he chose not to tour after the release of his long-awaited album Blonde. But booking yourself for festivals and then canceling is another level of mystery entirely.

Did Frank Ocean try to put together a super-ambitious stage show that just didn't work out in time? He's been known to aim high with his live sets, and sometimes his ideas don't fully translate to reality, like with his video-assisted performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards. It's possible he wanted something even more impressive, but decided he'd rather not play than run the risk of failure.

Or is he abandoning music to become a full-time film photographer? Sneaker model? Maybe he simply has had enough of this dimension and has decided to retire to whatever plane of the universe he occupied from 2014 until last summer.