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Frank Ocean, American Hero, Wore Vans To The White House State Dinner

And he brought his mom

Frank Ocean lives a pretty private life, but there’s one person who can drag him out of hiding: the president of the United States of America.

Ocean and his mother, Katonya Breaux, attended the final White House State Dinner of President Obama’s last term, showing up alongside a less rare but no less delightful appearance from Chance the Rapper and his dad.

Breaux looked gorgeous in hot pink, but her elusive son made one of the biggest fashion statements of the night by stepping into the White House in checkered Vans slip-ons.

Frank Ocean: hates the Grammys, loves ska, loves America.

It’s probably safe to assume that Obama has been spinning Blonde at least as much as the rest of us. And now we know what it takes to get Ocean to come to your dinner party: You’d better get elected president first.