Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

BREAKING: Harry Styles Is Wearing A Hot Pink Suit

This is just cruel

Harry Styles appeared on the Today show this morning and he debuted some new music. More importantly, he debuted a HOT PINK SUIT. That's right, Mr. Teenage Girls Are The Future And Gender Equality Is Fundamental is wearing a pink suit.

Why is he doing this to us? We are not worthy of this blessing. Or shall I say CURSE? I can't get over it.

Not only is this another example of Harry's commitment to wearing bold suits, but also his love of emulating older rock stars. Visually, this suit and guitar combo feels similar to Neil Young's look on the cover of Everybody's Rockin'.

Now I just anxiously anticipate more pictures of this outfit, so I can see what Harry's SHOES look like ...