Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: Scott Might Not Make It Out Alive

Could this be the end for our favorite lycanthrope?

Told you there's more.

After Scott, Stiles and Roscoe rode off into the sunset during the Teen Wolf Season 6 winter finale, all seemed fine and dandy in Beacon Hills. The Ghost Riders vanished into the darkness, Scott and Co. were finalizing their college plans — even Theo and Peter Hale both appeared to have changed their dirty ways, practically getting off scot-free (pun intended).

That is, until we saw the sneak peek, below. Call us crazy, but it seems Teen Wolf may be coming full circle, as the initial baddies (the hunters) who threatened to ruin the heroic team of supernaturals in Season 1 are now hell-bent on taking Scott and his friends down once and for all. Old man Gerard's voice can be heard shouting, "We kill them all!" while Chris Argent warns, "Did you know that a caged rabid dog will break its own teeth trying to chew through the bars? Something that out of control is better off dead." Oh no he didn't. Argent just made out with Melissa McCall -- he can't be trying to off her son... can he?

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