Migos Transform Into Punk Rockers In ‘What The Price’ Video

Leather jackets, bar brawls, and all

After the snowy, epic “T-Shirt” and the luxe, presidential “Deadz,” Migos continue their excellent run of videos with “What the Price.”

The video, codirected by Migos and DAPS, reimagines the Atlanta trio as punk rockers, complete with studded leather jackets and bandanas (shoutout to Offset’s particularly awesome police-tape jacket). Accompanied by a keytar-shredding Zaytoven, they stage a junkyard jam session in the woods before heading to a seedy local bar. Drinks are poured, cash is exchanged, and it’s all good ... until a slow-motion brawl breaks out between Migos and a biker gang. Do they make it out alive? Watch the video below to find out.

“What the Price” is a standout cut from the trio’s chart-topping album CULTURE. In other Migos news, they’re scheduled to perform “T-Shirt” on The Tonight Show tonight (March 23), where it looks like host Jimmy Fallon may or may not join their winter trap tribe.

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