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Chelsea Houska's Daughter Has Perfected The Art Of Baby Talk -- Just Like Her Mama

The reason for Aubree's new habit? Baby Watson!

Chelsea Houska is known for sometimes speaking in a baby voice -- and now, the Teen Mom 2 cast member's mini-me is following in her mama's footsteps. The reason for the six-year-old's vocal change? Brother Watson!

"Aubree has picked up on the baby talk, and she is a million times worse than me," 25-year-old Chelsea -- who welcomed her son with husband Cole DeBoer on January 25 -- recently told MTV News. "It's really funny. She's always up in his face. If he's crying, she'll be like, 'Where is my Watson? This is not my Watson. My Watson's a good boy.'" Like mother, like daughter!

In addition, Chelsea revealed that Aubree is "super helpful" when it comes to caring for Baby W (not super surprising considering the kiddo's enthusiasm about her big sister role). As for milestones, the infant isn't laughing (yet!), but he's beginning to coo, which Chelsea calls "super cute." Nothing quite like that sound!

Be sure to watch the season finale of Teen Mom 2 featuring Chelsea and her clan this Monday at 9/8c -- and for a rewind, relive the moment Chelsea and Cole told Aubree about her then-sibling-on-the-way.