Here Are The Best After-Party Oscar Looks

It was an ... eventful evening

The 2017 Oscars were ... jaw-dropping. The red carpet fashion, meanwhile, was ... fine. That all changed at the Vanity Fair after party, where stars can let their hair down and change into much more exciting outfits. Without further ado ...

  • 1. Viola Davis

    This white pantsuit, paired with a well-deserved Oscar and platform oxfords, was flawless.

  • 2. Kelly Ripa

    Kelly Ripa, paradoxically, changed out of her butterfly-motif princess dress. Her pared-down pantsuit was an elegant evolution.

  • 3. Emma Stone

    This look was lovely, as was the blue ACLU ribbon. Keep it on all night next time, Emma.

  • 4. Thandie Newton

    Thandie didn't even bother to attend the Oscars but this metallic look fucking swept them all.

  • 5. Catherine O’Hara

    LIKEWISE, I am living for this pilgrim ensemble on the Pride of Canada, Catherine O'Hara.

  • 6. Rooney Mara

    I love how toast of Hollywood and über-successful actress Rooney Mara always looks like a trembling fawn on the red carpet. This asymmetrical ivory dress was delicate and beautiful.

  • 7. Kate Bosworth

    Meanwhile, Kate Bosworth really turned it out in this Grace Kelly–channeling number.

  • 8. Halle Berry

    Halle Berry looked ready to dance all night in this glittery disco number.

  • 9. Janelle Monáe

    Janelle Monáe already o-w-n-e-d the Oscars red carpet in Elie Saab, but this look was just as good, and the echoing silhouettes were a nice touch.

  • 10. Isabelle Huppert

    Similarly, the nominee for Elle managed to improve upon perfection.

  • 11. Tracee Ellis Ross

    There were a number of stars who didn't step foot on the Academy Awards red carpet but still managed to own it. Ross was one of them.

  • 12. Mariah Carey

    This diva was another.

  • 13. Alan Cumming

    This queen, too.

  • 14. Sarah Paulson

    I have such a love/hate relationship with this yellow-and-black number, which looks like Cruella de Vil gala couture. Wait. I decided I definitely love it. It's iconic.

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson agrees (lest you forget these glamorous creatures are just a bunch of grown-up theatre nerds).

  • 15. Diane Kruger

    This little number is so against the modestly embellished grain of the season's haute couture offerings, and I love it so much more for that very quality. Kruger, you beaut.

  • 16. Mary J. Blige

    I mean, ditto.

  • 17. Patricia Clarkson

    If you look up "a perfect person" on Getty Images, this picture appears.

  • 18. Anjelica Huston

    These legacy Hollywood royalty queens really carried the evening. With one notable exception...

  • 19. Jared Leto
    This one. (Obligatory reminder that Suicide Squad won more Oscars than Rebel Without a Cause). Til next year, friends and fellow masochists.