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Jimmy Kimmel Opened The Oscars With An NSYNC Joke In The Year 2017

He couldn’t stop the feeling

Host Jimmy Kimmel could've opened Sunday night's (February 26) Academy Awards with a Hamilton-style rap, but he left the music to a pro: Justin Timberlake, who sang his Oscar-nominated "Can't Stop the Feeling!" at the show's start.

Then Kimmel took the stage, bringing a heavy dose of nostalgia along with him. Perhaps seeing Timberlake's smooth moves inspired him?

"I really hope the other guys from NSYNC were watching that performance, because if they were, I think there's a really good chance they're going to let you back in the band," Kimmel joked as the camera panned to a very stunned JT.

Kimmel's opener soon took a more serious turn, however. "Black people saved NASA and white people saved jazz," he declared, referencing Best Picture noms Hidden Figures and La La Land. Then he asked the "overrated and uninspiring" Meryl Streep to please stand — a reference to President Trump calling her "overrated" after her powerful Golden Globes speech. This of course led to a standing ovation, but Kimmel was just getting started: "Nice dress, is that Ivanka?" he asked Streep next.

It's only his first time at the Oscars, but Jimmy somehow squeezed both a reference to a boy band and a political statement into the same speech.