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Neil Patrick Harris Thinks Jimmy Kimmel Should Pull A Hamilton At The Oscars

He should not throw away his shot (sorry)

Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to the awards show stage, as the late-night mainstay and comedian has already worked his hosting magic thanks to the Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris is a bit more experienced when it comes to the Oscars, though, and knows what works with that room full o' ballgown-wearing, tux-sporting famous people all gathered to celebrate film's biggest night.

And while he's totally confident in Kimmel's abilities at the mic, he does think that he should do what Fallon did at the Golden Globes and work in a musical montage of some kind — except he doesn't want a La La Land-inspired moment, necessarily, but a Hamilton-channeling clip instead.

In an interview with People, NPH doesn't think we'll get much dancing and singing out of Kimmel, but he does think there's a chance for the sake of a laugh.

"I hope he brought his tap shoes … I hope he’s doing a tap number because of La La Land," he told the mag before getting excited at the prospect of Kimmel delivering a "talk-sing" moment instead. "He could rap! He could do a Lin-Manuel Miranda-esque rap about all the shows."

Hey, considering Lin's chances of becoming an EGOT winner at the Oscars on February 26, it's not a bad idea.