How Teen Mom 2's Leah Is Ensuring A Brighter Future For Her Girls

During this week's episode, the mother of three explained that she wants her daughters to 'live a better life than I did'

Leah's growth since her brave choice to take some much-needed time for herself at a treatment center has been prominently featured on Teen Mom 2. And during this week's episode, the mother of three continued her positive path with a decision to better her girls' future (as well as her own) with a fresh beginning in a new home.

"This home -- I feel like it's it," the West Virginia resident told her friend Kayla about a recent offer she submitted on the property, which was also closer to the twins' school than her current abode. "I can promise you I'm staying," she insisted, while adding that this house was all one level and would make it easier for Ali to get around in her wheelchair.

And it was only good news from there: The children seemed excited as they ran around, Leah "got the house" and a move was imminent. But the purchase symbolized something more for the 24-year-old.

"I've always said that I wanted my girls to live a better life than I did," she told her cousin Chastity. "Being able to do this for them -- it's a big deal."

How will their lives change as they commence this chapter in new surroundings? Be sure to watch Leah and her clan every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c.