Why 'Teen Mom 2''s Leah Decided To Finally Focus On Taking Care Of Herself

On tonight's episode, the young mother went to a treatment center to deal with mounting personal issues.

Being a parent and taking care of your child (or children) is a very rewarding, but sometimes difficult, task -- and mothers and fathers can struggle with finding time for themselves to handle their own personal issues. But during tonight's "Teen Mom 2" episode, Leah made the hard choice to travel out of state to seek some help at a treatment center -- and thus be separated from her daughters Ali, Aleeah and Adalynn.

The decision, which was made because of her stress related to the demise of her marriage to Jeremy and her ongoing contentious custody agreement with Corey, was extremely difficult and not met without judgement. While Corey was receptive to caring for his girls during their mother's absence, he was unsure about why she was seeking this "intensive therapy."

"I feel like me going there, I'm going to be able to be a better mom -- and be the best mom that I'm going to be," Leah told Corey and his wife Miranda at dinner before her departure.

However, Leah's explanation did not sit well with Corey -- and the evening went from cordial to confrontational.

"There isn't a drug problem," Leah stressed, after her ex outright asked her if there was one. "I swear to God, there's not."

But Corey didn't believe her -- and Leah felt really frustrated by his accusations. But in the end, she knew that she needed to get back on a healthy track -- for her daughters, and most importantly, for herself.

"I have mixed emotions -- I have to leave my babies for a month, and I haven't cried yet," Leah told her mother Dawn while trying to hold back her tears. "But I know I have to do this for them."

And with that, Leah said a temporary goodbye to her daughters. Share your encouraging messages for Leah in the comments, watch Chelsea and Kailyn reveal how they try to carve out me-time for themselves in the clip below, and be sure to keep watching "Teen Mom 2" every Thursday at 10/9c.