Where Is The Teen Wolf 'Rift' That Will Finally Lead To Stiles?

Since memories can help reveal the path, we've come up with a slew of 'em

It's official: The pressure is really on to find Mieczyslaw Stilinski Stiles — and the vast majority of Beacon Hills, for that matter.

Tonight's episode of Teen Wolf left our favorite team of supernaturals at a pretty big crossroads. The gateway (aka "the rift") to that God-forsaken train station has disappeared, taking with it the pineal gland-scarfing Mr. Douglas, Parrish-hellhound and any hope of finding Stiles and the rest of Beacon Hills, including the Ghost Riders' latest victims: Mason, Corey, Hayden, Chris Argent, Melissa McCall and even the dreaded asshat-turned-good-guy Peter Hale.

Luckily, Sheriff Stilinski came forth with a little grain of good fortune: He saw a brief glimpse of Stiles and the rift right smack in the middle of Stiles' bedroom. The key? All of the memories. Cue Scott's lightbulb moment: "We'll open it again by remembering Stiles. We have to remember everything."

Now it's time to dig up some major memories of Stiles (and, in the process, list a few places where the rift just might wind up):

  • The woods in Beacon Hills

    Like the sheriff said: "We're here tonight because my goofball son decided to drag Scott, his greatest friend in the world, into the woods to see a dead body." The moment that changed everything — when Peter Hale turned Scott into lycanthrope status following Sciles' corpse-seeking rendezvous in the woods. We'll never, ever forget it.

  • The lacrosse field

    The sheriff's memories came flooding back after he stumbled upon Stiles' lacrosse jersey. Coincidence? While the younger Stilinski started out as a bench warmer for the BHHS lacrosse team, he eventually became a regular player when he miraculously scored three goals in one game during Season 2.

  • Roscoe the Jeep

    It's the one relic Stiles left behind after he was snatched by the dark cowboys, and it was the last place he was seen alive. That's got to mean something, right? Plus, the 1980 CJ5 once belonged to his beloved mother, who called Stiles "Mischief," short for his actual hard-to-pronounce moniker Michislov.

  • Eichen House basement

    Who can forget the smokin' hot basement scene when Malia and Stiles got frisky just before he saved her life from the Nogitsune during Season 3? Cue the onset of obsessed Stalia fans everywhere!

  • The BHHS locker room

    It was the smooch heard 'round the world. Stiles was beyond panicked during Jennifer-Darach's reign of terror, and Lydia laid one on him in order to calm his nerves. Perhaps one of the most iconic moments in the history of Teen Wolf.

Where do you think the gang will find the entryway to Stiles and the rest of Beacon Hills? And once they locate it, will they be able to pass through without being torched into supernatural barbecue? Post your theories, and find out what happens next Tuesday at 9/8c!