Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: Scott Realizes The Ghost Riders Will Be Back

No place is safe from the dreaded dark cowboys

Looks like the residents of Beacon Hills will be getting a few more unwelcome guests.

In a preview from tonight's all-new Teen Wolf, Scott and crew investigate exactly how the Ghost Riders got into the lacrosse party. And when Mason comes up with the answer, Scott realizes in horror, "No place is safe."

For his part, Corey laments that it's his fault the Ghost Riders became visible to everyone at the party -- making each and every one of the teens "marked" -- but Scott announces fearlessly, "We'll find a way to protect them. All of them."

So how did the Ghost Riders get into the Alpha's house? Watch the clip in its entirety to find out -- and to see if Scott really can guard a slew of teenagers (when he couldn't even protect Stiles!), catch Teen Wolf tonight at 9/8c. And be sure to watch it live so you can learn how to unlock a special sneak peak of next week’s episode!