Worth Another Look: The Long Awaited 'Teen Wolf' Stydia Kiss! [Video]


It was a moment as anticipated as the lunar eclipse or Derek on the verge of whipping off his shirt: On last night's "Teen Wolf," the show's most unlikely couple, Lydia and Stiles, finally kissed. Granted, Lydia only laid one on Stiles to slow his breathing and quell his panic attack -- but still! What might have started out of necessity certainly didn't look like it was so burdensome by the end of their rather lengthy lip lock!

With news that Jennifer's reign of terror was alive and well, and that she'd snatched up Chris Argent to round out her three-part "guardian" sacrifice, Stiles began to panic, as the idea that his father was inching closer to death became a reality. When Lydia's encouragement to think happy thoughts proved worthless, she knelt down beside the collapsed Stiles, closed her eyes and puckered up. Sure, the town's sheriff was still in danger, but this looked to be one hell of a consolation. Even Dr. Deaton noticed their chemistry hours later, when he paired them together as part of his strategy for Stiles, Scott and Allison to act as "surrogate sacrifices" for their parents.

Yes, the drama abounded last night, but on a positive note, this little bit of romance will surely earn its own chapter in the "Teen Wolf" guidebook. Let's see it again, shall we? Roll tape!

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