Ed Sheeran Reappears Only To Get His Face Sliced By A Large Sword

In a bizarre incident involving James Blunt and an English royal

At the end of 2015, Ed Sheeran announced he'd be powering down and taking a much-needed hiatus for the next year. And unlike the ever-growing cadre of celebrities who attempt to shut off social media and lay low, he's actually held to it, popping up only sporadically to serenade a fan in the hospital and serenade a room full of wedding guests.

Earlier this month, he reappeared again, only this time he didn't serenade anyone. Although, you could say he's the one who got serenaded. By a large blade. To the face.

This apparently went down at a party Sheeran attended at Windsor's Royal Lodge in England with James Blunt (of "You're Beautiful" fame). Princess Beatrice, a granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, reportedly picked up a sword to "knight" Blunt — and accidentally sliced Sheeran's cheek as she brought it back from Blunt's shoulder.

Sheeran, who was there with his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn — yes, the one he made out with in that Taylor Swift photobomb — apparently got stitches at a hospital before coming back to the party. A photo of the relatively non-gnarly scar is floating around online, too.

Maybe his new album will be a song cycle about the perils of the monarchy, both large (war, class divisions) and small (minor facial lacerations).