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Ethan Craft’s New Film Looks Scarier Than That Skeletons Episode Of Lizzie McGuire

Clayton Snyder stars in the upcoming horror film ‘Hide in the Light’

Clayton Snyder’s been super busy with projects since his days as Ethan Craft on Lizzie McGuire, including a Disney XD musical show, a murder-mystery series, and now a horror movie that looks like a combination of The Conjuring and Supernatural.

On Thursday (October 27), Snyder shared the trailer for his new film, just in time for Halloween. Hide in the Light follows a group of “urban explorers” who investigate an abandoned orphanage in the middle of the night. While searching through the ruins, the gang is quickly haunted by paranormal forces and stumbles onto a decades-old mystery involving a gaggle of missing people from the orphanage.

There’s a freaky ghost girl and her “demonic friend” who raise serious hell for the urban explorers. According to the film’s Facebook page, it will be released sometime next year. Check out the eerie trailer below.