Ethan Craft From Lizzie McGuire Is Returning To Disney In A New Series — And He's Singing

Second Star premieres April 5

It's been far too long since we last saw Clayton Snyder on the Disney Channel as Lizzie McGuire's Ethan Craft. Thankfully, Snyder is returning to Disney — Disney XD, to be exact — in a brand new series called "Second Star."

On April 1, Snyder took to Instagram to proudly announce one of his latest projects. And no, this isn't an April Fools' Day joke, because the show is listed on IMDb and started its Facebook page March 25.

"GUYS!! I've been involved with a Disney XDproject, Second Star," the 28-year-old actor wrote on Instagram. "I play the oldest of three musically-inclined siblings who inherit their grandfather's recording studio, Second Star. With mom and dad out of the picture, I've been running a coffee shop to keep us afloat and keep us together. Family is everything... but so is music... And yes, I siiiing!"

Yup, you read that correctly. Snyder's gonna be acting and singing on the show, but this definitely isn't his first time jamming out. Last year, MTV News interviewed him about his role as Biff Tanner in a Back to the Future musical in Los Angeles.

The show comes from the minds of Richard Allen and Taran Gray and will be "a half-hour dramedy musical series."

Haley Michele Gorman, Nickolas Eiter, and Stephen Tyler Howell also star on the show. Snyder, Gorman, and Eiter play the Davis siblings, while Howell plays Bucky the barista.

So far, already two of Snyder's Lizzie McGuire costars have offered good wishes via Instagram comments.

Hallie Todd, who played Jo McGuire, said, "Congratulations! xo," while Carly Schroeder (Matt McGuire's BFF Melina Bianco) told him, "Can't wait clay. You're going to be amazing 🙌🏼."

This Disney XD project will premiere Tuesday, April 5 at 4 p.m. on Maker TV.

But if you find that you simply can't wait another four days without seeing Snyder, this might tide you over. Check out his awesome cameo in the hilarious parody "Batlexander Manilton," which combines Hamilton and Batman. Hey, even Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda loved it.