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Ariana Grande Drops The Delightfully Shady ‘Knew Better Part Two’

Don't play with tea if you can't handle getting burned

Ariana Grande has shared another hidden gem on Soundcloud.

"Knew Better Part Two" appears to be a sequel to "Knew Better / Forever Boy" from the deluxe edition of Dangerous Woman. That version of "Knew Better" only lasted about two minutes before switching into "Forever Boy," but "Knew Better Part Two" plays like a complete version of the same song.

While the album version of the track heavily overdubbed Grande's voice, this newly unveiled take tones down the production and cranks up the beat. Grande even gets to (briefly) show off those rap skills she worked up for her recent Fallon appearance.

She also lays down one of the more delightfully shady Grande lyrics to date: "Play with tea, you get burned from it." And she might have just shed some light on her current relationship status: "Got a new dude and some new shoes just to go with my new boo."

No one can say that Grande doesn't know how to accessorize.

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