American Horror Story Just Released Its Most Disturbing Season 6 Teaser Yet

But can we trust it?!

With less than a month to go until the Season 6 premiere, American Horror Story continues to troll us. The creepy FX series released another batch of teasers over the weekend, and similar to the first few, these are a mixed a bag.

The latest promo sees a nurse cutting down a wind chime made of teeth and a tiny corn-husk puppet à la The Blair Witch Project with a pair of shears. Are there any clues to be had in this unsettling teaser, or is this one of the fakes? Last week, FX boss John Landgraf admitted that the network had been releasing fake teasers for "hypothetical seasons" of AHS, focusing on "different genres and different places," in an effort to keep the fans guessing this season. Among the many misdirects, however, is the actual teaser for Season 6 — but so far, we have no idea which one that is.

Another newly released teaser features an alien abduction gone painfully wrong, as we hear the horrible crack of this camper's spine as she's lifted into the sky. If this teaser is representative of Season 6, it wouldn't be the first time AHS has toyed with alien abductions — in Asylum, several characters are abducted by extraterrestrial life.

And then there's "The Mist," which might be AHS's most terrifying teaser to date. The 15-second promo stars a terrifying monster with glowing eyes and sharp, crab-like legs. However, there's something about it that is reminiscent of another Season 6 promo — "Sunset Stroll" — which could hint at its authenticity as the real Season 6 teaser.

FX also released a new promo poster to go with its previously released and very perplexing spider-eyed woman, which also could have been a misdirect. This one features dangling metal hooks warped into the shape of the show's new question-mark logo, which is probably a reference to every fan's current state of confusion.

Honestly, we don't know what's real and what's fake anymore. Come on, Ryan Murphy, put us out of our misery already!