Don’t Look At This New American Horror Story Poster If You’re Afraid Of Spiders

Don’t say we didn’t warn you

American Horror Story is all over the place this season. From creepy children singing even creepier songs to deserted houses and slithering millipedes, it’s been hard to decipher a commonality among the Season 6 teasers. This latest bit of news is no exception.

The FX series revealed its latest poster on Friday, and you might want to click away if you suffer from arachnophobia. We mean it. Once again, AHS has truly stumped us, and without a proper title — the Season 6 theme has yet to be revealed — we’re having a hard time deciphering the clues.

The image, of a woman with spider legs for eyelashes, is unsettling, sure, but it’s also perplexing. Typically, the posters reveal some clue as to what we can expect from the forthcoming season: Rubber Man appeared in the poster for Murder House, while an IRL voodoo doll was the focus of the Season 3 poster for Coven. Yet this offers us nothing.

Last week, set photos were leaked that seemed to suggest that the season could partially take place during the 16th century and tell the story of the the Roanoke Colony that mysteriously vanished without a trace. Maybe whatever happened to those 100 colonists has forced this poor woman to grow arachnids from her eyelashes. Then again, creator Ryan Murphy did hint that this season could potentially tell two stories — so anything’s possible. Who knows! But without a proper title or synopsis of the season, we have no way to confirm or deny our crazy theories.

So hurry up already, Murphy!