These American Horror Story Season 6 Teasers Are Creepy As Fuck — But What Do They Mean?

Creepy children singing creepy songs are never a good sign

FX released another string of American Horror Story Season 6 teasers on Friday, and while we still don't know this season's theme, we're definitely sensing a common thread here: creepy children. (Yes, even creepier than Hotel's vampire babies.)

As per usual, these brief videos offer plenty of dark and ominous imagery but absolutely zero answers as to this season's overall plot. Thankfully, we do know two things about this season: It will be significantly less ornate than last one, and it will be "set in the present [with] echoes of the past."

This Children of the Corn–inspired clip gives us a possible glimpse into this season's setting. It vaguely looks like a desert — maybe Area 51? Asylum had a weird alien subplot that never really took off, so perhaps AHS is revisiting the idea of extraterrestrial life. It would explain those creepy-eyed people aliens.

OK, now this teaser is a little more, uh, avant-garde. In keeping with our alien theme, let's just say this millipede is a bit of alien life looking for a host. OK? OK.

Oh my. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but there's always at least one macabre doctor in every season. Also "?" and "6" seem to be major clues — if only we knew what they meant.

This one seems to suggest that this season might be going back to the show's humble beginnings: a haunted house. Although, this house looks like it's in the middle of nowhere, which has plenty of scare potential.

Ahhhhhh. Is the creepy devil baby from Murder House back to haunt our dreams? Possibly! Maybe! Who knows! (Also, WHAT DEVIL MUSIC IS THIS?!)

Girl, I don't know where you are, but that does not look safe! That could be poltergeist trying to grab at this poor woman's ankles — or, you know, an alien.

American Horror Story returns September 14, 2016.