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Kanye West's Life Of Pablo Tour Will Be As Inspiring As Star Wars

'My tour game is unprecedented'

After dazzling us with his blue-gray eyes at last night’s Met Gala, Kanye West was up early this morning for an interview on Steve Harvey’s radio show. True to form, ‘Ye spent his fair share of time defending the motives behind his past actions, but he also dropped an exciting tidbit about his future: A tour in support of The Life of Pablo is tentatively slated for this fall.

“My tour game is strong. My tour game is unprecedented,” Kanye said/bragged. “We’re gonna go out in September, I believe. We’re working on some of the ideas right now. I’m trying to literally inspire these kids the way Disney inspired me, the way, you know, when I saw the original Star Wars.”

Maybe he'll take the concept of ultralight beams literally and deck the stage out in composite-beam lasers?

Elsewhere in the wide-ranging interview, 'Ye explained how his relationship with Kim Kardashian has broken boundaries, and again brought up his VMA stage-crashing incident in 2009. He also made amends for that internet-breaking Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa back in January, saying, "Everyday I actually feel more deeply, deeply, deeply apologetic about that, because I only want to put out positive, positive, positive concepts."

Listen to the entire interview below.

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