Faking It Dilemma: Does Sabrina's Return Spell Trouble For Karmy?

As the old saying goes, three's a crowd

A Faking It episode where Amy and Karma's friendship boat is sailing smoothly is about as rare as an ep where we don't see Liam's abs. (Just sayin'.)

We thought all was well in Karmy Land after tonight's Haunted Hester party — aka Hookup Central. Amy got a little tongue action with a dame in a pleather catsuit and found a happy medium with former prom date-slash-crush Felix, who has opted to put recovery ahead of hooking up. Karma and Liam decided to maintain their "just friends" status — though something tells us that Liam is less than enthused about that one.

Then just as Amy and Karma were about to eat their weight in Butterfingers and Tootsie Rolls, she showed up. "She" being Karmy's — okay, maybe just Amy's — childhood pal from Camp Kichi-Wawa. We know this isn't kosher (Liam's new religion must be rubbing off), because bloody murder was written all over Karma's face:

Uh-oh. This can't be good, not to mention the fact that three is always a crowd when it comes to Karmy. Case in point: This threesome. The Lauren debacle. The Shane conundrum. We could go on, but no thanks.

So why exactly does Karma hate Sabrina? And does her return mean trouble for Karmy? Find out next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!