Choosing Sides: Should Faking It's Shane Stay Friends With Amy Or Karma?

He's about to find himself caught in the crossfire of a Karmy war.

Things are about to get real ugly at Hester High, and Shane is going to find himself right smack in the middle of a Karmy war zone. (As if he isn't already the mint filling to Karma and Amy's Oreo crackers.)

Thanks to Zita's jealousy-induced smooch, Karma and Amy's potential Faking It reconciliation may never happen now. DAMMIT, Zita! Why you gotta ruin everything? First you break up Kiam, and now you're toying with our Karmy. Just go take one of your private jets on a one-way trip to Nowhereville, kay?

There's no number of Paula Abdul hits or Dance Moms premieres that can fix this bitter betrayal, and even worse, there's absolutely nothing Shane can do to repair the hurt feelings. As he told Lauren, if Karmy doesn't mend their wounds soon, he's going to have to inevitably choose one over the other...

...but who? The Hester High voice of reason spent the better part of a year serving as Amy's confidant when she first struggled with her sexuality and her budding feelings for her best friend. Then Shane later served as Karma's proverbial shoulder to cry on when Amy ditched her friends for an entire summer.

Share your whose-side-should-Shane-be-on opinions, and watch the drama go down next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c.