Shattered Sisterhood: Was Faking It's Lauren Too Hard On Amy?

The two are on the outs -- all because Karma's back in the picture.

Are there any females at Hester High that Amy hasn't pissed off?

Nearly immediately after Karmy reconciliation no. 142, Lauren and Amy had their falling out at the end of tonight's Faking It. Amy should seriously know by now that the croquembouche advocate doesn't take playing second fiddle very well... to anyone. Especially not a lifelong bestie-turned-crush.

Lauren and Amy's ploy to play Parent Trap on their dunzo parental units was short-lived when Lauren's dad was discovered swing-dancing in the arms of a mysterious brunette. The whole Hayley Mills-inspired disaster could have been avoided if Amy hadn't been so preoccupied with consoling Karma over her parents' sudden polyamorous confession.

Fast-forward to the stepsisters bickering in the bathroom again (shower curtains seriously bring out the worst in these girls), and Lauren declaring that she's moving out because Amy will never ever put her before Karma. "Stop saying we're sisters. We're not," Lauren spewed. "And we never will be again. It's over."

Yeouch. Was Lauren a little too harsh? After all, Amy just got her best friend back after a summer apart. Post your thoughts, and catch a new episode next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!